Chinese dissident and Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai expressed concern that a Joe Biden administration settling in the White House would not support pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong as he believes President Donald Trump is doing.

Lai is a personality in Hong Kong who is among the victims of the biting national security law imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in late June to criminalize pro-democracy protests, particularly activities such as secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign entities.

The Hong Kong pro-democracy activist ended up being arrested in August in a raid on the building where he had the offices of the critical Chinese Communist Party newspaper, Apple Daily, on charges of collusion with foreign governments.

According to Just the News, in the face of the alleged election of Biden as the next president of the United States, Lai said that unlike President Trump, Biden will seek to develop a close friendship with the CCP.

“If he becomes president, I’m sure President Biden will play gentleman, with China [in a way] that President Trump would not,” Lai said. “But I do think that the way that President Trump deals with China is the right way, by playing hard ball.

“I don’t think Biden would have such a strong impact. And I haven’t seen Biden being very strong against China. I’m afraid that if he becomes president, he will be more reconciliatory to China than President Trump,” Lai added.

According to a report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the CCP has endorsed Biden over President Trump, whom it considers unpredictable, and increased its influence before the November elections to shape the U.S. political environment in its favor.

In an interview with Just the News, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro said President Trump is the only president to take on the CCP since Nixon and Kissinger went to China in the 1970s.

“I mean, every president since then has allowed in some way … the Chinese Communist Party [to] have their way with the United States economy, and also our defense sector,” Navarro continued.

Lai has publicly commemorated the repression of Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing in 1989 and has urged his followers to fight to end the CCP in Hong Kong.

According to NPR, Lai has been accused of asking a country (the US) or a foreign institution to “impose sanctions on the blockade or engage in other hostile activities” against the CCP or Hong Kong’s local government, according to the Apple Daily.

An investigation by the Hong Kong National Security Department, established under the national security law, examined Lai’s Twitter account to accuse him of colluding with a foreign country.

Lai did not plead guilty and was denied bail pending his next scheduled trial hearing on April 16, according to a Wall Street Journal article of Dec. 11.

Last month, from his Twitter account, President Trump praised Lai’s determination to defend democracy in the former British colony.

“I hear he is a wonderful gentleman, certainly a brave man,” Trump noted. “And I send him best wishes.”

Regarding the electoral race, Lai said he was confident that Trump would be re-elected.

“I have no doubt he will be reelected. Because people in the U.S. know that in this time, they need President Trump—his record of reviving the economy and making [the] U.S., which is an energy importer, into an exporter, which also brought about the peace in Middle East because the U.S. doesn’t have to depend on the [Middle East] for the oil, for energy. That makes it easier to solve the problems in the Middle East,” Lai added.

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