According to Reuters, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu released a statement on September 29. 

This shows that if Xi stays in office after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s national 20th Congress, CCP’s aggressive diplomacy will not change.

Since Xi became the supreme leader of the CCP, the world began to see a new type of diplomacy commonly seen among Chinese diplomats.

This type of diplomacy is called “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy, referring to the aggressive attitude, language, and diplomacy of Chinese diplomats as they respond to situations in which China’s regime is affected.

Ma Zhaoxu is considered a strong candidate to replace incumbent foreign minister Wang Yi in the next term under the extended Xi dynasty.

Reuters reporter questioned Ma about foreign policy in the decade since Xi took power.

Ma replied that China’s diplomats would continue to move forward and continue to overcome obstacles to protect the interests of the country and the Chinese people.

In his statement, Ma mentioned that CCP diplomats would act for the people and the country, a common statement from CCP officials.

The book Nine commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party says that the CCP is a dictatorship; however, all this regime does is for its own benefit.

To hold on to power, the CCP always tries to change the concept so that the Chinese in Mainland China mistakenly think that CCP is China and China is CCP, loving CCP is patriotic and vice versa.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has pointed out this in many statements. Pompeo asserted that CCP and Chinese people are two different concepts.

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