According to the World Journal, a Chinese man named Wu Xi Hui took a bank loan a few years ago to build a condominium in Berridge, Brooklyn, New York. He then sold it to 20 Chinese buyers. After getting 4 million dollars from the buyers, he fled to China. 

The legal documents show Wu obtained a 6 million dollar loan from a bank 10 years ago. He then purchased a vacant lot at 345 Ovington Avenue in Berridge, Brooklyn, where he built a five-story condominium with 25 units.

He allegedly sold the units to 20 Chinese families from 2012 to 2015. He lied to the buyers claiming that the New York State government had approved the building for sale.

Most of the buyers were introduced by friends and knew that Wu Xihui had developed this real estate project. Only one or two households learned about the project through real estate agents. At that time, Wu promised to give discounts if buyers recommended others to buy it. Many Chinese were deceived because they felt that the offered price was reasonable. After paying the money, buyers moved into the building.

It seems that the contract Wu provided to the buyers was poorly handwritten and with cash payment requirements. As these victims neither spoke English nor were familiar with legal procedures, they didn’t think much about it then. 

However, Wu fled back to China with the buyer’s money and stopped paying loans to the bank. The bank filed a lawsuit against Wu.

In February, the New York State Superior Court announced that the bank won the case. The judge allowed the bank to open the foreclosure process, that is, to forcibly confiscate the apartment for auction.

Under the risk of losing homes, 20 victims also filed a lawsuit against Wu and hired lawyer Edward Cuccia on their behalf.

Although the court has accepted their lawsuits, the auction will run on July 28. This way, residents will lose their homes and life savings. They feel desperate and helpless. 

Homeowners are about to hold a press conference in the Cuiyuan restaurant at 6521 8th Avenue to find solutions for their house ownerships. They call for public support. 

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