At the closing ceremony of the 20th National Congress of the CCP on October 22, the scene of Hu being escorted out of the hall caused a sensation outside of China. The CCP has completely blocked all this news in China, the CCP’s wolf warriors are also actively “whitewashing” this incident abroad, trying to show that the 20th National Congress is a “united congress.”

The scene where Hu was removed took place after more than 2,300 CCP delegates conducted a secret “vote” and before a collective vote was raised. At that time, Chinese and foreign journalists marched into the Great Hall to report on the closing ceremony of the 20th National Congress.

International media witnessed the scene, but Zhu Jingyang, China’s consulate general in Barcelona, ​​tweeted that Hu had actually returned to the hall and participated in the vote. This statement was ridiculed by Spanish mainstream media, who claimed that Zhu was spreading rumors.

Spanish mainstream media ABC reported, “The Chinese Consulate (CCP) in Barcelona, ​​Zhu Jingyang, has been spreading rumors on Twitter that former President Hu Jintao returned to the 20th National Congress, after being coerced at the behest of Xi Jinping.”

Zhu tweeted in Spanish, “Western media have always deliberately concealed the truth and have malicious intentions. After the break, Hu Jintao returned to the Congress and voted in person. He deserves respect and applause!”

He also retweeted a video showing Hu voting. But in fact, this was a secret ballot that took place before he was removed, not as Zhu said that Hu voted after returning to his seat.

ABC media reported, “After Hu Jintao was expelled from the hall, he did not return to the Great Hall of the People and did not participate in raising his hands to vote. Hundreds of reporters covered the event. This, as well as the photos they took, can attest to this.”

An ABC reporter asked Zhu on Twitter why does he spread lies? Zhu immediately blocked reporters. Zhu is one of the most active “wolf warriors” in the CCP’s diplomatic system, constantly harassing the media for posting information that doesn’t match their interests, the report said.

Spanish media 7NN Noticias also reported that Zhu’s tweet was fake news.

It is still unclear to the outside world whether the dramatic episode of Hu’s sudden removal, was a carefully choreographed “establishment of power” move by the CCP, or just an unexpected incident.

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