Recently, it was reported that on October 28, employees of Gome Electric in the Beijing Pengrun Building received a notice of the general meeting.

Huang Xiuhong, chairman of Gome, said that the company will only provide social security to its employees before the end of December and will no longer pay wages. He also added that in the medium and long term, there would also be uncertainty in the payment of salaries.

In addition, Huang Xiuhong criticized the recent work attitude of the employees. He said that everyone lacks understanding of the overall situation. He requested that during difficult times, they should not consider the gains and losses. They should advance and retreat together with the company.

According to China’s Tencent Finance and Economics, Gome employees believed that the company’s remarks were disguised as forcing people to leave.

Employees felt caught in a dilemma. If they leave, they may not receive the salary the company owed them for the past half year. But if they don’t leave, they don’t know if there will be a salary payment.In fact, Gome has already launched a salary reduction plan. The employees revealed that starting in May, the company stopped paying into the provident fund.

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