Xinjiang, which claims to be the capital of the Uyghur world, is a vast concentration camp designed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It is the headquarters of Beijing’s state terrorism beyond its borders.

About 10,000 ethnic Kyrgyz and Muslim people have suffered communist “re-education,” forced disappearances, cruel treatment, extrajudicial killings, brainwashing, and cultural identity change.

Even the United Nations (UN) speaks of a silent genocide of the Muslim population that extends to neighboring countries. Akto County, Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture (KKAP), in the Xinjiang region of China, is at the heart of this repression.

According to sources of refugees who escaped from the camps, 25,000 Kyrgyz who tried to flee were recaptured in the city of Artux, the capital of KKAP, and in the surrounding counties of Akai and Wuqiao.

China Cables, a media outlet of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (CIPI), with a solid underground presence in these places, reported that 170,000 ethnic Kyrgyz live in KKAP, making up 80% of all Chinese Kyrgyz.

Aygul, a former inmate of these camps, was captured crossing the border into China via Torugart in October 2017 by Chinese security agents.

After her release in 2022, she told Radio Free Europe through Azattyk, her Kyrgyz-language affiliate, “Ten to fifteen women and girls, we were forced to live in one-person spaces. Food was grass, herbs in boiling water and to drink we only had dirty water,” she added.

“Morning in the camps consisted of singing the Chinese anthem and memorizing communist party texts, we were also beaten and raped,” she said.

Aygul now lives in Kyrgyzstan, where the government is an accomplice of the CCP. She is dedicated to making visible the repression in Xinjiang,

Another former Kyrgyz Christian prisoner who fled to the United States is Ovalbek Turdakun, who, in April 2022, contradicted Beijing’s postulate on “re-education” camps to end Islamic fundamentalism.

For Ovalbek Turdakun, who is currently working with the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington DC, the mere fact of being a Christian and having Instagram, Telegram, or Facebook on his phone led him to jail.

The Chinese Embassy in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, is exerting pressure so that nothing of what happened comes to public light. A press release stated that Aygul’s story is false and assured that Ovalbek Turdakun is an “enemy agent,” according to China’s official position.

Report of the UNHCHR

In late 2017, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) began receiving complaints from various Kyrgyz civil society groups and ethnic Uyghur members in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, reporting an increase in involuntary disappearances and the presence of “re-education” camps.

Research published for non-governmental organizations, think tanks, media, and public accounts from victims have alleged large-scale arbitrary detentions in so-called “camps,” torture, violence, and forced labor.

Governments of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are complicit

An article by Emilie Szwajnoch and Elzbieta Pron of the University of Silesia in Katowice discusses the work of Kazakh and Kyrgyz human rights groups on the issue of repression of these minorities in “re-education” camps,
And it explores the political and diplomatic response of the Kazakh and Kyrgyz governments toward China concerning its security strategy in Xinjiang. post-2014.
The policies of these administrations have not altered engagement with China; on the contrary, they have consolidated economic and institutional cooperation, where these two countries’ voices coincide with the programs of the CCP.

Everything seems to indicate that the Silk Road, and the Economic Belt, are the core of the proactive policy of these two countries in favor of China.

Beijing has two allies, in the case of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, in the infiltration of the communist party in the West, so the Muslim minorities of these countries, are against the collaboration of their governments with Beijing and the evil of the CCP.

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