reported on December 8, the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) officially launched the ” New 10 Measures ” easing the pandemic prevention. However, ” immigration ” keyword became a hot search term 100 million times in one day.

Measures were announced on December 7, especially including home isolation for asymptomatic infections and mild cases, reducing the frequency and scope of nucleic acid testing.

The nucleic acid negative test certificate and health code for cross-regional migrants in landing inspection is not required.

Some netizens said that although they have been looking forward to the liberalization of the pandemic prevention policy, they are not reassured at all.

One netizen pointed out, “In just a few weeks, the propaganda direction has turned 180°.

On WeChat, the number of searches for the term “immigration” also surged, breaking through the 100 million mark.

Netizens said, “Chinese people don’t even want to be Chinese anymore.” 

Some people think that “Chinese people want to emigrate because they know that the Communist Party is a gangster and they finally want to be free.”

The paper reported that pandemic prevention adjustments are only “fur” 

According to the paper, Commander, a Chinese financial scholar, told Radio Free Asia this adjustment is not truly liberating and “it will be difficult to restore the hearts of the people and the confidence of investors at home and abroad.”

The scholar said, “The policy performance of loosening and tightening from time to time has made people physically and mentally exhausted.”

He pointed out that the CCP is just establishing big data monitoring in the name of “epidemic prevention” to further suppress people’s personal freedom of speech. 

He cited as an example that recently a large number of demonstrators and those who posted the news online related to Beijing’s “Sitongqiao Protest.” 

After the official announcement of the new 10 anti-epidemic measures, some people in Shanghai wrote in WeChat Moments, “Thank you to people who took to the streets.”

However, they also pointed out, “So far people have been called in by the police for questioning, and some have not been released, so we don’t know what’s going on.”

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