According to Global Times, a Chinese nationalist newspaper monetized by a propagandistic bias of the Xinhua (People’s Daily) environment, the Asian Giant’s shipyards will build a fleet of gas tankers to save Europe from the coming energy crisis.

The Chinese communist newspaper points out that the pieces of the European economic chessboard have been thrown into disarray by the war in Ukraine. This winter will be hard for the continent in the midst of an economic recession, and thousands of people will be affected by the freezing temperatures.

According to the sensationalist headline in Global Times, this would mean that Brussels entrusted its Chinese “strategic partner” with a fleet of ships carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG).

However, the European Union should consider that reports from Alphatanker Consulting, a major company, have assured since June 2021 that the Chinese shipyards controlled by the State only have contracts with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which is determined to surpass the United States.

For Alphatanker Consulting, these contracts are secret. But, it is known that in 2022 and 2023, only 5% of the shipyards’ capacity will be available for civilian purposes.

Alphatanker Consulting said: “Chinese shipyards are reluctant to sign long-term orders and deliveries because of the risks with fluctuating steel prices.”

A report from the same consulting firm also revealed: “that owners interested in ordering ships should be patient, as the second half of 2024 will be the only time available in China.”

This consultant insists that since 2021, the low capacity of Chinese shipyards suggests links with Japanese shipowners if they want ships in the short term.

At the time, Global Times lied when it said: “That Chinese shipbuilders were working around the clock to assemble ships bound for Europe.”

Because it is known, according to internal sources in China: “That the main shipbuilders reported delays in orders until 2026.”

Europe should beware of the lying CCP’s propaganda

According to Global Times, a representative of the state-owned company, China State Shipbuilding Company (CSSC), assured that 139 orders for LNG ships for the Old Continent are available.

But a confidential internal source assured that this is impossible because the construction of each ship takes two years.

These indicators of the increase in the construction in China of gas tankers destined for Europe are very rare, especially after the Chinese Communist Party’s strategy of suspending gas deliveries to foreign buyers.

Reuters news agency said that the Old Continent has little capacity in its docks for regasification and a shortage of pipelines to transport LNG in its interior, for example, in Spain. That report cast doubts against Global Times’ propaganda.

In October 2022, Reuters reported, “… the Iberian peninsula has only six berths available at its off-gas terminals, so it will be necessary to turn away shipments,” the news agency reported.

Another Reuters report mentioned the presence of LNG carriers at anchor off other European countries with longer delays.

All this, added to the fall in gas demand in Europe due to the economic slowdown, casts doubts on the Global Times editorials.

Forbes magazine even asserted that Europeans created their crisis by relying on Russian gas and now lack regasification facilities and a sufficient network of continental pipelines.

Forbes reported: “That even if Europe possessed the regasification capacity needed to replace Russian gas deliveries with seaborne imports, crazy green energy policies left behind the necessary domestic infrastructure.”

It follows that Global Times is lying when it claims that the continent expects a large fleet of LNG carriers from China.

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