A male college student from a university in China was criticized for wearing a tank top while taking the required COVID test. It caused heated debates online and quickly raced to the trending list. 

An image circulated on the Internet shows a boy in a black tank top waiting in line to take a COVID test. 

Another image shows a screenshot from Chinese social media WeChat of a group within the school. In the post, a school leader criticized the boy and called him “Mosaic” for “not caring about other people’s feelings” and “showing off his fat muscles.” 

He also called wearing a tank top while taking the COVID test “a terrible blow to the school’s great efforts.” 

Some Internet users said that the incident happened at Gansu Agricultural University.

The school leader, later identified as Wang Xinghu, deputy dean of the University’s School of Life Sciences, ordered all students to self-examine themselves after this case broke out. 

As the news spread quickly, it became a trend on China’s Twitter-like social media, Weibo.

Some people online asked if they have to wear formal clothes to take the COVID test. 
Some mock that if one could be criticized for wearing a tank top while taking the COVID test, one could be forced to kneel if one does not wear a mask. The netizens compare this to denunciation rallies during the Cultural Revolution, whereby people accused of being “class enemies” were publicly humiliated.

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