As CNA reported on Feb. 24, the Chinese regime has not yet evacuated its students from Ukraine since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. As a result, many Chinese students stranded in the local area panicked and could only wait for specific notice of the embassy’s charter flight.

Zhang Gang (alias) told CNA that he and other Chinese students didn’t think the war would occur because everyone was used to Russia’s stationing troops at the border. Zhang didn’t expect this time to be real. He said, “We’re so scared, too scared. We didn’t think this was the real deal. All the students are terrified.”

A Chinese student who took refuge in the Kiev subway told Radio Free Asia on Feb. 25 that some of the Chinese stranded in the area had taken refuge in the subway and some in the basement. They stayed up all night waiting for a specific notification from the embassy about the chartered plane.

Xu Shijie, a university student in Kharkiv, said that they didn’t hear any planes or shelling, so they went outside to get supplies. When they got to the supermarket, they heard continuous bombardment. They saw that the ATMs in the banks had a lot of people lining up and withdrawing money. They stayed an hour inside the supermarket to finish buying everything and left, and they heard the first explosion about 5.15 a.m.

However, the Xinhua News Agency’s report from Kiev on Friday, Feb. 25, quoted He Shenggen, vice president of the Ukraine-China Chamber of Commerce, as saying that his work and life in the towns around the capital Kiev were normal, and the life of the surrounding local people was as usual, and the atmosphere was not as tense as it was on the Internet.

A number of Chinese students also said that the air tickets to return to China from Ukraine had risen to about $790, and now Ukraine’s airspace is blocked.

Regarding the evacuation and return of Chinese citizens, the Chinese embassy in Ukraine said that the registration time for Chinese citizens proposing to evacuate Ukraine is until 12:00 local time on Sunday, Feb. 27.

According to the Chinese embassy in Kyiv, there are about 6,000 Chinese citizens in the country.

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