In its latest effort to reshape internet behavior, China has launched a month-long program to clean up online content during next week’s lunar new year festival.

As Reuters reported, The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) on Tuesday, January 25th made the announcement on its official WeChat account, saying that as part of the campaign over the Spring Festival season, it would rigorously examine content platforms and advertisements.

Accordingly, the CAC’s aim is to “rectify the disorder on the Internet, curb the spread of unhealthy culture”, “to create a healthy, festive and harmonious online environment for internet users, especially minors during the Spring Festival.”

China began a crackdown on its expanding entertainment industry in the summer of last year,  focusing on celebrity fan groups, online abuse, money worship, child influencers, and media site homepages.  

The edict issued by President Xi Jinping is the latest step in Beijing’s crackdown on the entertainment industry, as officials remove anything that is deemed to be incompatible with the Communist Party’s priorities.

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