The 600-year-old masterpiece of Buddhist artwork costs almost $44.5 million

Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian now keeps the unique Buddhist embroidered artwork that is  600 years old at a private museum named Long.

He paid nearly HKD 350 million ($44.5 million) for the work at a Christie’s Hong Kong auction in 2014. Yiqian’s strong investment helps Long Museum become a large-scale private museum with rich antiquities in China.

In addition to the rarity, the work is precious because of its high artistic value and craftsmanship, which is considered “excellent” by researchers. The whole picture is done with gold thread and colorful threads, with red a predominant color, and has four levels, from light to dark. The background of the painting is dark blue silk fabric.

At the center of the work is a figure of Raktayamari – the deity in Mahayana Buddhism – embracing his partner, Vajravetali. Raktayamari’s face looks fierce, but the work reminds us to keep purity in speech. The images imply wisdom and compassion. 

Chinese mother turns trash bags into ‘high fashion’ for daughter

Recently, a young girl from Shandong province, China, attracted people by wearing colorful dresses her mother made out of recycled plastic bags for the catwalk at home.

The mother, surnamed Qi, told Chinese media that she creates dresses with her inspiration and that her daughter loves them too.

The girl’s “environmentally friendly” fashion show was uploaded to the short video platform Tiktok, reaching 5.5 million views with more than 400,000 likes. Many netizens praised and expressed interest in the mother’s creativity and the cuteness of the child model.

The first large-scale rain and snow in north China this winter

Affected by strong cold air, for three days from November 10 to 12, the north of China will experience the first widespread rain and snow weather this winter.

According to the forecast, the rain and snow will affect more than 20 provinces, regions, and cities. There will be moderate and localized heavy rain in many places in North China and Northeast China. This snowfall is expected to last for quite a long time, on a large scale, with strong intensity in some areas.

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