Bailiffs are responsible for maintaining order in the courts and judicial system, escorting and guarding prisoners, serving legal documents, seizing property according to court decisions, executing death sentences, and so on. Therefore, they are the ones who know the most about the law. However, a video shared on Twitter has exposed bailiffs’ unprofessional work in China.

Initially, the bailiff asked the citizen not to film. The woman said, “Audio and video recording is a constitutional right of man to be monitored while the authorities are on official duty. Photography and video recording in court are prohibited. You can go to the court to ask if you don’t believe it.”

The bailiff answered, “These are our internal management rules!”

The woman claimed that the internal management mechanism that the bailiff communicated was unlawful. She was displeased as the bailiff did not understand the law and wanted to prevent her from going inside while she just wanted to go in to find a judge.

Another bailiff said, “You can go to the prosecution to sue us!”

The woman said: “I’m suing the court now; I don’t have time to sue you yet!”

The bailiff said: “You have to sue the court according to the procedure!”

The woman said that she had just followed the procedure. She walked into court according to the procedure; and under the procedure, the bailiffs cannot stop the people at the gate. At the determination of the female citizen, the bailiff couldn’t say anything else and went inside.

Beijing policeman accused of breaking the law, accepting bribes and domestic violence 

A video about a Beijing policeman was widely spread on the internet on July 18. In the video, a woman under her real name accused her husband of breaking the law.

She said that Zhang, a Beijing police officer, had used his position to accept almost 74,000 dollars cash from a person involved in a case and accepted a variety of expensive cigarettes, wine bribes and long-term access to high-end entertainment clubs.

Besides accepting bribes, she reported that her husband used his position to gain power and develop several bribers into mistresses. Among them, a woman named Wang became his underground mistress. He deliberately made Wang become her best friend and brought Wang home for an affair.

At the same time, in the four months from October 2021 to January 2022 alone, Zhang Moumou spent as much as about 12,000 to 15,000 dollars on prostitution, according to her wife. Besides, she accused Zhang of domestic violence dozens of times between February 2020 and January 2022. The most serious domestic violence in December 2020 resulted in fractures on both sides of her nasal bone. She said that Zhang had threatened to kill her, and he apparently has a big brother to help him solve the accusations, so he challenged her to sue him.

She claims that her husband fabricated the crime of provocation and put her sisters in criminal detention at the detention center for 27 days, and they are still on bail pending trial. After the incident, her husband allegedly kicked her 2-year-old daughter out of the house.

Shanghai: Scandal at music training institution, president surrounded by parents after $133 million default

In June this year, a scandal broke out in Xiaoyinka burst thunder, a music training institution owned by Shanghai Yiqixin Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Xiaoyingka has been exposed to the news of “capital chain tension,” “defaulting on staff wages,” and “running away.” Many parents prepay tuition from tens to hundreds of thousands of yuan. And the news of XiaoYinka defaulting on class fees exceeded 900 million yuan (133 million dollars) and made the Weibo hot search.

A video shows parents surrounding Qiao Yuemeng, the chairman and the actual responsible of Xiaoyinka, on July 20, at No. 15, Lane 398, Longwu Road, Shanghai. More than 200 parents were on the scene to fight for their rights. The stability maintenance police were also beaten.

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