The Chinese Regime’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection or CCDI announced on Friday, Feb. 18, that Li Guohua, the former chief executive officer of telecom giant China Unicom, is under investigation for alleged “serious violations of discipline and law.” The announcement did not mention any further detail of Li’s case.

Li Guohua, 62, has worked in the Jiangxi province postal system for more than 40 years. The investigation began nearly 10 months after he retired from the general manager position of China Unicom. According to Caixin, the probe mainly looked into Li’s period at Postal Savings Bank of China.

Caixin reported that he did not do much work during his tenure as chairman of the bank. As a result, his business development was slow, his staff turnover rate was high, and he had lost many talents. In addition, he had a poor reputation for his unusual personal lifestyle.

After leaving the bank, Li Guohua worked as the CEO and deputy secretary of the China Unicom Party Committee in 2018.

Since November 2014, the CCDI has launched an investigation in China Unicom, and many executives have been sacked. For example, Chang Xiaobing, the former chairman of China Unicom, was imprisoned for six years and fined $73,330 for corruption.

Chang had held the position of China Unicom for 11 years. However, he had only been in charge of China Telecom for four months when the CCDI opened an investigation into him on Dec. 27, 2015, on allegations of breaking party rules.

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