According to Aboluowang news, the Beijing Winter Olympics held the women’s freestyle skiing platform competition on Feb. 8. Among them, 18-year-old Eileen Gu, who participated in the Winter Olympics for the first time, gained 188.25 points and won the gold medal for China. However, when Eileen accepted the award on the platform, she did not sing the Chinese national anthem, raising the awareness of the Chinese netizens. In addition, her real nationality was also a focus of controversy.

Eileen Gu, a U.S.-born 18-year-old Chinese-American mixed-race skier, won the Beijing Winter Olympics gold medal on behalf of China.  

Tang Jingyuan, a commentator from NTD News, said that Eileen Gu, born in the United States, did not sing the Chinese national anthem at the award ceremony. Eileen was asked at least six times what her nationality is. Finally, she responded vaguely, “I feel just as American as I am Chinese; I grew up spending 25-30% of every year in China. Actually, the tower here I can see from my house in Beijing. My mission is to use sport as a force for unity.”

Eileen expressed her gratitude to the U.S. team and the host. However, in Chinese politics, they do not acknowledge dual nationality. Furthermore, Eileen Gu’s name cannot be found in the records of the U.S. citizenship withdrawal.

The Chinese Consulate General in New York told the BBC that Eileen Gu must be naturalized or obtain permanent residence in China to represent the Chinese team in the competition.

According to the consulate, in 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Justice relaxed the rules for foreigners to obtain permanent residency so that talents who have achieved international recognition in sports, science, culture, and other fields are eligible for permanent residence. 

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