According to an official report from the Los Angeles Police Department, on October 4, Eugene Yu, the Chinese-American CEO of U.S. election services company Konnech, was arrested on suspicion of “stealing personal data” and sending U.S. election data to China.

According to RFI, a few days ago, Los Angeles Police coordinated with the Michigan Police to arrest Yu in Michigan. Los Angeles District Attorney (LADA) investigators also seized related hard drives and other digital evidence.

LADA pointed out investigators found that the “Yulian Network” stores some information on a China-located server; it violates the contractual requirement that “personal information of U.S. users must be maintained and the information may only be made available to U.S. citizens. or Green Card holders.”

Eugene Yu, 51, is a U.S. citizen who runs a small software company called Konnech Corporation, located in East Lansing, Michigan. It mainly produces voting software. In 2020, it contracted with Los Angeles County to monitor and maintain election staff schedules, training, wages, and contact information. This company has a total of 32 clients in North America.

In the statement, L. A County Attorney, George Gascon, said police seized hard drives and other digital evidence from Michigan Software. At the same time, the LADA seeks to transfer Eugene Yu to Los Angeles to appear in court.

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