China will conduct more flights abroad as multiple airlines are looking to resume services by the end of October.

Chinese news agency The Paper reported on October 18 that the country’s largest airline China Southern Airlines intends to increase its weekly international flights from 78 to 86 starting October 30. Routes to several locations, such as Tokyo, Jakarta, Dubai, Manila, and Bangkok, will also be reconnected.

China Eastern Airlines, the second-largest operator by passenger volume, will increase the number to 108. According to state mouthpiece Global Times, Hainan Airlines, a 5-star carrier, will operate flights on 10 overseas routes beginning October 30. This includes those from Beijing to Brussels, Moscow, Belgrade, Chongqing to Rome, and Madrid. The airline will also provide two instead of one weekly flight from China’s Southwest city Chongqing 重庆 to Italy’s Rome starting November 6.

The reopening came after China’s State Council recently ordered carriers to increase the number of foreign passenger flights as soon as possible. However, that came with a reminder that trips must resume in a controlled manner.

Although Beijing has continued to hail its “dynamic zero” approach to containing coronavirus, it has progressively eased air traveling curbs since this summer. According to Bloomberg, the country in June reduced the compulsory quarantine period for visitors, cutting from 14 days of isolation and 7 days of home monitoring, respectively, to 7 days and 3 days.

Passenger flights overseas have also gradually increased. Global Times cited data from VariFlight that average flights per day between October 1 and 14 have increased by 21% compared to the same period in September.

Still, Bloomberg says from VariFlight that flights into and out of China are currently approximately 95% below pre-Covid levels.

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