Japanese news, Sankei Shimbun, reported that Japan’s Ministry of Defense announced on May 8 that fighter planes and helicopters from the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier “Liaoning” were deployed south of Okinawa on May 7.

For the fifth day in a row from May 3, Japan has observed aircraft taking off and landing aircraft on the Liaoning in the South Pacific.

The Ministry of Defense said the aircraft departed and returned to the Liaoning from about 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. beginning May 7. The Liaoning was sailing near Ishigaki Island, about 150 kilometers to the south.

A total of four ships set sail together on May 7 with two missile destroyers and one fast combat support ship.

Ishigaki Island is a small Pacific Ocean island with a surface area of 200 square kilometers.

Japan sent its helicopter-mounted escort ship “Izumo” to monitor the activity.

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