Unlike the rest of the world, China’s regime continues to apply the Zero-Covid policy, taking nucleic acid tests extensively and lockdown as the basis. This anti-epidemic approach by China’s regime has made people angry, and many have expressed their opposition.

Sound of Hope cited China media reporting that, on September 4th, a man in Chengdu, Sichuan province, held a knife in his hand while talking to pandemic prevention staff and police. They came to his house to ask him to take a nucleic acid test.

In the conservation, the man explained that he had to hold a knife to prevent pandemic prevention workers from breaking into his home. He refused to take a nucleic acid test and said his freedoms were violated.

Twitter account @jakobsonradical said that the man is a cadre and a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member. 

A netizen with knowledge of the matter revealed that the man was from the Organization Department of the Party Committee of the headquarters of the Shudao Group, now called the Strategic Planning Department, and his name was Lin Ye.

Clearly, not all members of the CCP agree with the Zero-Covid policy, which is accused of being harsh, unreasonable, and inhumane.

After arguing for a while, Lin Ye was taken away by the police. 

The story of this Lin Ye immediately caught the attention of Chinese netizens. Many Netizens agree that he has been deprived of his freedom. 

Netizens also questioned why the nucleic test was mandatory and praised Lin Ye’s courage because he dared to stand up for human rights.

Posts related to Lin Ye’s case have been removed from social networks in China.

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