The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) lockdown-based policy to fight COVID continues to cause tragedies. A child over one year old in Yining City, Xinjiang, passed away because of the condemned anti-epidemic measures.

To achieve the goal of Zero-COVID, the authorities locked down many places in Xinjiang in early August. The Weibo account “Little People in Yining city” reported on September 8 about a family’s tragedy.

Da Ji Yuan’s reporter contacted the father. He said the communities where his family lives have been closed since August 1. No one is allowed to leave. The gate is locked by the government.

He said that, in mid-August, his son became ill. At 3:10 am on August 16, his symptoms worsened. The baby was moaning, felt uncomfortable, and exhausted.

He called the “120” emergency service. The service replied that all hospitals are not accepting patients because they are all in lockdown mode.

He called most of the hospitals in the area, but no one answered or agreed to help.

He was forced to call the police but to no avail. Service 120 goes on to say that he contacted the hospitals himself.

Running out of options, he took the child to the hospital. Faced with such an emergency, the hospital still required him to present a negative nucleic acid certificate before admitting his son to the hospital.

In the end, the child died at 5:05 am. A doctor told his family that if the child had been brought to the hospital 10 minutes earlier, the outcome would have been different.

This family’s tragedy is not over. Due to the lockdown, the funeral service responded that it was impossible to help his family bury the child and suggested that the baby be cremated.

The incident has angered the Chinese online community. They accused the CCP of having little regard for human life.

Posts related to this incident are currently blocked. Government officials have not yet responded to this incident.

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