To save Chinese people from a potentially deadly virus, blocking gateways with barbed wire or using duct tape to wrap people up alive is happening in China.

Significant cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Zhengzhou, and Henan are under strict control, with the Omicron variant surging and the epidemic spreading across the country. Strange, oddly terrifying scenes occur frequently.

China’s social media is now accumulating people posting for help and objecting to the cruel Zero-covid restriction.

Netizens share epidemic control police arresting people then using duct tape to wrap them alive.

“Rebel Pepper,” a political cartoonist, shared several videos on Twitter. The exact location and time of the filming are unknown. One shows a man surrounded and suppressed by police, who bound him with duct tape and turned him into a mummy.

Gateways and house corridors are now covered with barbed wire to stop people from moving out of their place.

A short video shows a house stairway filled with barbed wire. Some netizens questioned how you get out of there in a fire.

In major cities like Shanghai and Beijing, new cases continue to rise day after day, although the central regime insists on a Zero-Covid country. As a result, the streets are almost empty, populated only by hungry cats and dogs.

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