China quietly put protesters in jail as the “white paper protest” spread. On Wednesday, December 7, 49 human rights organizations issued a joint statement calling this classic government coercion and insurrection. The statement asks Beijing to stop putting down peaceful protesters with violence. 

Since late last month, the “white paper protest” has spread all over China. It began as a way to mourn the casualties in the fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, which resulted in 10 deaths and 9 injured. China’s strict zero-COVID policy was to blame for the incident as it prevented residents from leaving the building and interfered with the efforts of firefighters. 

In many cities, there are scenes of protesters holding blank white papers and chanting slogans such as “Down with the Communist Party!” and “Down with Xi Jinping!”

They are protesting in marches and street demonstrations to show how unhappy they are with the zero-COVID policy and the CCP rule. They also ask for human rights and basic freedoms.

The protest quickly spread abroad. Chinese people and students worldwide joined the “white paper protest” to support China’s long-distance struggle.

As the “white paper revolution” grew, Chinese police arrested people who were taking part in it. They are searching for protestors in many places. Some arrested have lost contact with family since.

The police forced people to delete their calling app and content about protests from their phones. The authority also warned the lawyers of the arrested protesters.

The Frontline Defenders, an international human rights group, issued a statement, co-signed by 49 human rights organizations. The statement urges China to stop violent crackdowns and arrests of peaceful protesters and to respect freedoms of expression, press and assembly.

Moreover, it asks the Chinese government to stop hunting down all those peaceful protesters, stop spying on, harassing, torturing, searching, and randomly arresting journalists and press freedom advocates who cover the protests. It also asks the government to release the number of protesters who have been detained and drop the charges against them.

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