China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection or CCDI announced on Jan. 24 the expulsion of three high-profile banking officials from the Communist Party. 

They are Cai Esheng, former Party Vice Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission; Meng Xiang, former Supreme Court official; and Xu Ming, former deputy director of the  National Food Administration.

According to the Strait Times, All three Chinese officials have been suspected of accepting bribes and taking advantage of their position to help others profit. Furthermore, the three suspects have been attending an inappropriate party.

In particular, Cai has been accused by the CCDI of planting distorted political thoughts disrupting the financial market in China, and being involved directly in many illegal transactions. 

Prosecutors have been assigned to all three cases.

As the 20th party congress is approaching in October, the CCDI will continue to enforce strict measures against corruption within the CCP.

The Strait Times said officials convicted of corruption cases would face assets confiscation and expulsion from the communist party and face a lifetime behind bars or even death.

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