As Western media continued covering the widespread protests of the Chinese people against Beijing’s brutal COVID-controlled measures across the country, China’s state-controlled press ignored the incidents.  

According to the Guardian, there is no sign of the protest coverage in the regime’s most prominent newspapers or on TV broadcast on Monday November 28. Instead, state-run media focused on other topics, such as a Chinese satellite launch and Taiwan’s weekend elections.

News related to the protests faced intense censorship from the communist regime. The People’s Daily, a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), ran an editorial praising its “unswerving adherence” to the zero-COVID policy.

State TV CCTV used most of Monday morning time, broadcasting the planned launch of the Shenzhou-15 spacecraft to its space station.

On its main page, the English language version of the state-controlled Global Times featured the local elections in Taiwan.

The Guardian reported that most mainstream media in Hong Kong often react promptly to hot incidents in mainland China, delaying covering the widespread protests across China and telling the stories from the official angle. 

Global Times reported the announcement of relaxing some COVID restrictions in Urumqi on Monday. But it did not mention the decision resulting from public outrage over the fire.

During a regular press conference, its foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian claimed Monday that the Chinese people cooperated and supported its fight against COVID. 

The Chinese regime’s police even assaulted and detained a BBC journalist while he was covering the protest in Shanghai on Sunday. The BBC said it had not received an official explanation from the communist regime for the incident.

A U.K government minister on Monday condemned the Chinese police’s actions as “unacceptable” and “concerning.”

Protests are spreading across China as people express their outrage against Beijing’s stringent “zero-COVID” policy, triggered by a deadly fire that killed at least ten people in Urumqi on Thursday.

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