In recent days, three serious fires and explosions have occurred in three Chinese cities. Still, the government and media have kept silent and provided no information about the number of casualties.

At about 10 a.m. on June 9, a fire broke out at the Hangzhou Bay Building Materials Market on Wan Mei Road, Linping District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

A video posted by The Paper and Sina News of Chinese media shows that thick black smoke rises from the scene, and the affected area is large. Many people jumped from the building’s windows to the ground in a panic to escape. 

The scene of the incident is located in the Ice and Snow World at the Hangzhou Bay Building Materials Market at 588 Wanmei Road. According to the report, the area is prosperous and has various markets, including Hangzhou Bay Decoration City, Ideal Car City, Home Furniture city, Vehicle Management Office, etc. Usually, the traffic here is very busy.

According to Aboluowang, on June 10, the Chinese Communist Party’s official outlet “Southern Metropolis Daily” said that the Ice and Snow World had only been open for a year. It is surrounded by companies that produce home building materials and cars. The car salesman downstairs confirmed to a Southern Metropolis Daily reporter that the second floor was originally a row of shops. It was transformed into the Snow and Ice World in 2020.

The fire started in Hangzhou Bay Decoration City. Nearby merchants told Chinese media reporters that the fire site was Building 18, Decoration City. The first floor is the car market, the second floor is the Ice and Snow World, and the third to fifth floors are residential buildings.

Aboluowang quoted a witness at the scene as describing to Southern Metropolis’s reporter that he saw people on the second floor of the fire area, “There were girls with hair burned by the fire, some people’s clothes were burned too, and some jumped from the 2nd floor. After getting caught in the cable of the air conditioner they fell off. Some people hid in the air conditioner’s outdoor unit and did not dare to jump, and some people screamed.”

However, in the reports the major Chinese media released, almost all of them did not reveal the specific number of casualties. They only said someone was taken to hospital, jumped from a building, etc. The details are not clear. The titles and bodies of most reports refer only to “fire.”

Aboluowang said that only the Southern Metropolis on June 10 reported a loud noise at the time of the incident, and The Paper referred to an “explosion” on June 9.

The Aboluowang added that, in the early morning of June 10, the Information Office of the Linping District Government in Hangzhou City issued a report on the accident, but it contained less than 200 words. According to the report, by 7 p.m. on June 9, the search and rescue work at the scene ended. A total of 11 people were taken to the hospital for treatment, and 14 others were under observation in the hospital. However, as of midnight on June 9, four injured people died after unsuccessful resuscitation.

On June 9, The Epoch Times also quoted the official information of the Linping district authority that six people died in the accident, including two firefighters participating in the rescue.

The Epoch Times quoted Sun Ming, the owner of a car dealership near the scene: “At around 10 a.m, there was an explosion in the Ice and Snow World. I witnessed it from start to finish. Not only did one person jump out of the building to escape, but there were many people. Maybe a lot of people were injured, and some people died.

“Not much more to say. My heart has not calmed down now. I’m still in shock.

“At this time (1:00 p.m. on June 9) there are still dozens of firetrucks here. The scene has been blocked. We have all been evacuated, and not allowed to be there anymore.”

Epoch Times also reported that a woman living at 588 Wangmei Street, Linping District, Hangzhou City, said: “The building next door had a fire. The situation is very urgent right now. We are all busy and don’t have time to talk to you. It’s not convenient to talk about specific reasons and details.”

Fire at Xinjiang Military Region General Hospital

According to Aboluowang, before that, a fire broke out in the Xinjiang Military Region General Hospital, but there was no official announcement from the Chinese Communist Party and its media.

The Epoch Times also reported that the official Weibo account of the Urumqi authority in Xinjiang announced the fire on the evening of June 7. According to the report, at 17:55 on June 7, the Urumqi Rescue and Fire Brigade Command Center received a notice that the outer wall of the operating rooms of the Military Region General Hospital had caught fire. However, the report said there were no casualties.

The report also added a “warm reminder,” asking the public: “don’t believe rumors and don’t spread rumors.”

According to this video and another video posted online by locals, the building with the sign “Xinjiang Military Region General Hospital” caught fire. The sign beneath shows the building as “Technology Building and Medical Surgery.” The outer wall of the building was on fire from the ground floor to the top floor; thick smoke rose.

According to publicly available information, Xinjiang Military Region General Hospital is located at 359 Youhao North Road, Urumqi City, Xinjiang. The hospital is also known as the Urumqi General Hospital of the Lanzhou Military Region.

The Epoch Times cited information from the website of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong that the Military Medical General Hospital is suspected of live organ harvesting. On Aug. 1, 2013, the Chinese Communist Party’s Health and Family Planning Commission designated the hospital as a kidney transplant hospital.

From September 1996 to November 2000, the hospital performed 90 kidney transplants. From August 1999 to September 2003, the hospital performed eight kidney transplants from living donors. From March to December 2005, the hospital completed at least 16 liver transplants.

Residential building explosion in Zhangjiakou, Hebei

On June 6, a gas explosion occurred in a residential building in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, and the balcony of a family living on the 3rd floor blew up.

Twitter account @TragedyInChina tweeted: “At 2:30 in the middle of the night, the Huaxinyuan community exploded, the glass was all shattered, the natural gas leaked! Six dead and 21 injured.” It is seen that the fire is still burning, the windows of the apartments are blown out, and the scene is heartbreaking.

The Epoch Times reporter did a Google search and found that the Chinese Communist Party did not report any casualties; The Chinese media is also silent on the matter, with almost no reports.

Epoch Times quoted information from China’s social network Sina Weibo. A businessman nearby said the explosion occurred in the early morning, accompanied by a loud noise. The residents’ balcony blew up, causing the glass of the entire building to collapse.

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