On December 12, the Ministry of Education announced that the 2023 National Graduate Admissions Examination would be held from December 24 to 26.

Before that, countless students wanted to postpone the postgraduate entrance examination. However, that didn’t happen.

This year is a problematic postgraduate entrance examination, and the number of 

applicants has reached a new high.

According to New Oriental’s calculations, the number of applicants for the postgraduate examination in 2023 will exceed 5 million.

In addition, the complicated pandemic situation and the strict pandemic policy disrupted the contestants’ preparations.

Some students were asked to leave school and return to their hometown before the exam. Some rented a room or stayed in a hotel at the exam location in advance. 

Some kept changing locations, migrating from various shelters to the study room.

Because of COVID, many doubt if it’s safe to sit in the exam room and be safe.

Gao Qiong, a student, said he and eight others were locked up in their dormitory for a week. Then, they were asked to leave and disinfect the exam room.

Before leaving, Gao Qiong went through two school closures in early October and late November. The news was sudden, and the review materials were sealed in the library and unavailable.

Many schools have issued similar notices, with the exam only two weeks away.

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