According to Serpentza Channel, China is a master of pretending to do something without actually doing anything. This can be clearly seen in its dummy police forces.

To increase the presence of police, China has adopted fake police with different types, such as mannequins. Sometimes, these mannequins have a real camera added to hold in their hands . Additionally, police cars are also fake. They have cameras installed, but do they function?

Since the COVID pandemic, real police forces tend to outweigh their dummy counterparts.

Real police are responsible for many different tasks.

They ask citizens to install AliPay; otherwise, citizens cannot go out.

We need to check your ID; you are not allowed to go out if you haven’t installed Alipay app. Ok, thank you.

Sometimes, police threaten people that they are equipped with real guns and ready to shoot people if needed.

Police: Hey, here is the gun, you know?

Resident: Well, I don’t know

Police: I have a gun, and I will shoot

Police: Clasp your hands!>

Since the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is coming, China has increased its police presence even more. Especially, countless police have been mobilized to guard Tiananmen Square in Beijing, resulting in a tense atmosphere in the surrounding area.

Besides, the police patrol daily, armed with live ammunition and sniffer dogs.

However, China still hasn’t given up on its “zero-COVID” approach. On the contrary, it has tightened the scale and frequency of testing among the population. People are still required to do acid testing regularly; some are even asked to wear white protective clothes like this.

During the testing procedure, snipers look after them.

Disinfection work is still maintained on a regular basis,

Police are fully equipped with totally black costumes, and “Big Whites” are provided with additional weapons and shields.

This video shows the use of shields.

In case needed, police are mobilized to round up those who tested positive.
In the context of political tension and the current pandemic, there is still little policemen on patrol like this.

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