According to VOA, Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd commented that in 10 years as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Xi Jinping has twice changed the course for the CCP.

The first took place during his first term (2012 to 2017). To maintain the CCP’s long-term rule, Xi pushed Chinese politics to the left of Leninism.

According to Kevin Rudd, now president and CEO of the Asia Society, Xi has re-consolidated the party’s authority over the entire economy and society, strengthening his personal leadership over collective leadership.

The second change took place during Xi’s second term (from 2017 to the present). Xi shifted the CCP’s economic policy towards left-leaning Marxism. Private enterprises are overcontrolled, and state-owned enterprises are placed on a higher status.

During this time, there was a crackdown on big tech corporations. 

Corporations in the real estate and financial sectors have also stumbled during Xi’s second term.

Rudd believes that during the 20th National Congress, Xi will highlight an ideological  approach to make the CCP more assertive and powerful and prepare militarily for future contingencies.

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