Most of Shanghai’s 25 million citizens are still confined to their homes with no end in sight. In recent days, new videos of Shanghai people arguing and scuffling with white hazmat health workers have constantly surfaced. Under the hardline COVID policies, residents are being forced away to quarantine facilities.

A video posted on May 14 shows that epidemic prevention staff prying open a female resident’s door with iron tools. The white hazmat suit staff then asked the woman to go to the isolation point. The woman said that she was not infected with COVID-19 and was only in close contact with a positive case. She refused to go. The staff threatened the female residents that they would take coercive measures if she didn’t cooperate.

In a video circulated the next day, the police took a man and a woman from their home to transfer them to another location. The woman resisted the order and fought back. However, she was finally dragged into the police car with her bare feet.

The channel is unable to verify the location of the incident and does not know if they were later taken to quarantine. Many netizens said that the videos were captured in Shanghai.

Footage of similar situations in Shanghai has circulated before. Earlier this month, a video showed hazmat workers forced their entry into resident’s house as they were there to take the person away for quarantine. They kicked broken the house’s door into two pieces and crawled in.

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