China is in the midst of its broadest COVID outbreak yet, holding fast to its stringent zero-Covid response. Meanwhile, fizzling between apartment blocks are drones telling residents to stay inside. 

This footage was recorded in Wuxi city of Zhejiang province, Zhangzhou city in Fujian province, and Henan province.

It’s not the first time drones have been employed during China’s pandemic struggle. Broadcasting drones made their debut in Shanghai earlier this year while the Chinese metropolis was in a traumatic lockdown. At the time, robot dogs were even strolling about with loudspeakers making health announcements.

Now in western megacity Chengdu , white-clothed medical workers are riding miniature tanks spraying disinfection. The city has been locked up since September 1st, marking the biggest lockdown since the Shanghai tumult this spring.

Simmering through August, COVID-19 has continued its advance across the second largest world economy. As Bloomberg reports from mainland media, on September 1st, the recorded cases reached across 103 cities in 26 provinces. The most significant number since early 2020, when the pandemic began.
Local officials will be sacked or penalized if an area fails to bring COVID outbreaks under control. As the situation intensifies, some might be pushed over the edge. This video from an unknown village in China that has been swirling around the internet lately tells the story of a crazed official threatening to bury any COVID cases alive.

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