With the zero-COVID policy, PCR testing has become the tool of the Chinese government’s fight against coronavirus and any transmissive variants. 

To optimize the new normal, China has erected testing stalls scattered around the streets. 

Taking COVID-19 tests, the Chinese can bear in mind two scenarios besides the temporary unpleasant tingle to the nose. One, have a 72 hours passport for movements in the public. Two, a locked up sentence for several days, either at home or at a quarantine site. 

According to Chinese media Kan Zong Guo, Mao Mao, a Shanghai resident was nervous as she anxiously waited for her test results. She was stuck on her phone, constantly refreshing the PCR testing result query page. 

Her latest COVID-negative result came out four days ago, it has reached its expiration date. Online, the Chinese have been joking about their limited expiration date compared to stable food such as bread and tofu.

Morning News, another Chinese language outlet, reported that Zhang Yuan, who works at a milk tea shop. As she went to work on June 1, she had to ask her co-worker to change shifts so that she could go out and take a test. Without a renewed result, she will not be able to join the subway the following day.

Zhang only grew more anxious as COVID-sampling stalls around the milk tea shop were all filled with queuing people. She dreads whether the result will come out on time. 

For a resident named Li Na, when the opening time for taking samples was up, they abruptly informed her that supplies were short and the testing site had to close.

To further prevent the risks of transmission, China has also incorporated a COVID-scanning code into public toilets.

According to this 5-second long footage, residents must again be ready to be rejected from using the public restroom if their COVID-negative test expires.

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