On June 17, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) released a draft for public comment so-called “Regulations on the Administration of Internet Posting and Commenting Services.”

The draft has 15 articles, and the main content is that users who have not authenticated their factual identity information shall not be provided with post commenting services. And follow-up comment service providers shall establish a hierarchical user management system.

Network users must authenticate their accurate identity information if they want to post, reply, or even post on websites, APPS, and platforms. Websites and platforms need to review all comments on follow-up posts and then post them.  

Network users must also be evaluated for credit. Untrustworthy users are blacklisted and aren’t allowed to re-register accounts to follow up and speak.

The deadline for collecting public feedback on this draft is July 1.

If the draft regulation is enforced, many unauthenticated users will be unable to write original posts and leave comments.

According to Xiwang Zhisheng, people said there was a previous policy where news was censored before publishing. Now comments are reviewed and posted first, which is equivalent to prohibiting comments. These two would completely seal people’s mouths, leaving only the regime to speak. If everyone can’t vent a little bit on the internet, they can only fight in reality.

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