The CCP Standing Committee’s newly promoted members have sparked concerns among the populace. The Chinese internet was full of grief. Many told each other to escape their homeland.

Among the officials, Shanghai Secretary Li Qiang and Cai Qi, Beijing’s secretary, caught the most attention.

According to Sound of Hope, Li implemented the “Zero-COVID” policy and shut down Shanghai for two months. He turned the only city in China with a fiscal surplus and the center of the middle class into a fiscal deficit city.

Cai ejects poor nonlocals from their homes or out of Beijing. Sound of Hope claimed that both caused great distress and were low on political influence.

International media, such as Reuters, commented that Xi Jinping’s criteria for appointing people are not based on experience and ability but on loyalty. 

During the congress, a saying circulated in the Chinese community on Twitter: “Xi Jinping is good at cleaning up the high-end population, Li Qiang is good at cleaning up the middle population, and Cai Qi is good at cleaning up the low-end population.”

After the congress, the word “finished” became a hot search on Weibo. There were comments like, “It’s over, hopeless, just run if you can.” “It’s all over; speeds up.”

In an interview with Sound of Hope, a citizen from Shanghai by the name of Zeng, said that the people have no hope anymore. “The hearts of Shanghainese are dead. Shanghai is so messy and so bad I can’t understand it. He is in a high place now, under one person. This is our system, commoners can only complain.”

A gentleman by the name of Wu, a resident of Hebei Province, said that things might get worse and everyone should get ready to live through a Cultural Revolution or even North Korea’s regime.

Zeng said that many of his friends in the system had sent their children abroad. They are old and will stay in the country. He believes this will not always be the case, and young people will understand and change the world when the time comes.

The New York Times stated in the article “An Era in China is Over” that Xi mentioned “security” significantly more often than “economy” at the 20th National Congress. 

Sound of Hope commented that China and the Soviet Union in the Mao Zedong era have proved that autocratic dictatorship does not make the country prosperous and strong but only brings poverty and a false sense of security.

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