540kg of moringa seed oil from China destroyed: Exceeds the standard of carcinogens

On September 27, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration issued a list of unqualified foods. Among the unqualified products is moringa seed oil from China.

As reported by Liberty Time News, a batch of “moringa seed oil” exported from China was detected to exceed the standard of the carcinogen benzopyrene, and a total of 540 kilograms were destroyed.

Numerous varieties of food have been routinely detained for infractions when exported from China to Taiwan. The “Moringa seed oil” seized this time was detected to have a benzopyrene content of up to 5.5 µg/kg, which exceeds the limit of 2.0 µg/kg and must be destroyed in accordance with regulations.

Chinese children’s book ‘Three Thousand Years of Anti-pandemic’ attracted attention 

Recently, a children’s book has attracted the public’s attention with ancient stories of epidemic prevention illustrated with modern COVID test images.

“Three Thousand Years of Anti-pandemic” was published by Nanjing University Press. The book records the classic story of the Chinese people encountering the plague, preventing and fighting the plague during the three thousand years from the first Qin Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty.

Although the content does not mention the COVID pandemic, the image reminds people of nucleic acid testing.

According to Xin Tang Ren, some netizens point out that the man in the picture on the cover book comes from ancient times. His costume is from the Ming Dynasty but he is holding a cotton swab to take a sample. This image isn’t different from the anti-epidemic staff performing nucleic acid testing today.

This has led many netizens to joke that this book is a prophecy for the future generation. Currently, it has only been 3 years since the COVID pandemic outbreak, so there are still 2997 years left (Qin to Qing dynasty).

Temperatures are predicted to rise ahead of China National Day holiday

It’s autumn in China, but the drought is still ongoing.

The China Central Meteorological Station expects that the temperature in most of China will be high before the National Day holiday.

The high-temperature weather in Jiangnan and South China will increase, with the maximum temperature reaching 35~38℃ (95-100.4°F). In large cities, Changsha, Nanchang, Fuzhou, and Guangzhou will have high-temperature weather in the coming days. Additionally, many places may face challenging days with record high temperatures.

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