The price of Maotai mooncakes in China has been reduced sharply this year, but it is still almost impossible for people on a budget of less than 500 yuan ($73) a month to buy them.

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on September 10, but as early as July 1, Maotai International Hotel had already started selling mooncakes under the Maotai brand.

This is reminiscent of the Maotai coffee-flavored mooncake gift box that was introduced at The Peninsula Shanghai Hotel last year. 

According to the “China-Singapore Jingwei” report, at that time, the gift box of 8 mooncakes sold for 1,688 yuan ($246).

But the National Development and Reform Commission issued an announcement that stated, curb the sky-high prices of mooncakes and promote the healthy development of the sector.

The commission proposed to supervise the boxed mooncakes with a unit price of more than 500 yuan. Since then, many of the thousand-yuan mooncakes have retreated from the public arena.

The moon cakes that Maotai introduced this year are from Maotai International Hotel, a business and leisure hotel invested and built by Guizhou Maotai Wine Co., Ltd.

From the introduction, there are two mooncake gift box sets called Yuhu Yingyue and Liuxin.

The Yuhu Moon Greeting Gift Box contains 2 pieces. Each contains Cantonese-style rattan pepper beef, Cantonese-style egg yolk, and white lotus seed paste, Cantonese-style golden leg five kernels, and charcoal roasted walnut jujube. The price is 188 yuan (about $17) a piece.

The Liuxin Mooncake Gift Box contains snow plum durian, black truffle, sucrose-free custard, and custard. The box contains 2 pieces, and the price is 318 yuan (about $46).

Obviously, the two kinds of mooncakes themselves do not contain Maotai.

Maotai International Hotel staff told China-Singapore Jingwei that there are 80,000 gift boxes of the Yuhu moon cakes, and 30,000 gift boxes of the Liuxin cakes. All of them have been sold, and the hotel will not increase production.

The China-Singapore Jingwei found that there are merchants reselling the mooncake gift boxes. The asking price was over 500 yuan (about $73.00).

One merchant said that they offered the Liuxin gift box at 580 yuan (about $85), but they were temporarily out of stock. Another person quoted 658 yuan ($96).

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