China’s Biren is one of the country’s most promising semiconductor designers according to Bloomberg. Its top-of-the-line AI and HPC, GPU, and the BR100, can compete with American top chip producer Nvidia.

Since early October, China has been unable to buy chips made in the United States because of new export restrictions. This includes electronic design automation tools, wafer fab equipment, among others.

Soon after, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. stopped selling computer GPUs to Biren. According to Taiwan’s Liberty Times’ source, less than a week later, Biren plans to lay off one-third of its employees. 

If this becomes a reality, Biren will then struggle to develop its GPUs, software for artificial intelligence, as well as high-performance computing applications.

This in turn will hurt Biren’s ability to compete with two leading American chip manufacturers AMD and Nvidia.

Biren can switch to another market outside of China to avoid this stalemate. But China is Biren’s main market, so it can not do this as fast as it wishes. 

For now, the future looks quite grim for Biren.

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