South China Morning Post reported on November 9 that Zhang, a food shipper in central China, had been dubbed “the most diligent employee.” 

The name came after he revealed that he works a 17-hour day, finishes almost four deliveries an hour, takes minimal rest, and eats just one meal per shift.

Zhang has been in close contact with a patient with COVID, so he must report all his activities daily.

The local authorities in Dingxiang, Shanxi province, made his work schedule public to track down those who had come into contact with Zhang so they could prepare for home monitoring.

Red Star News reported that on November 2, the worker, surnamed Zhang, started work at 6:20 a.m. and finished at 10:53 p.m.

He completed 65 food delivery orders, spent 10 minutes eating a meal, and just a few minutes completing a nucleic acid test. 

Zhang is currently undergoing a week-long period of hotel quarantine.

He said the publicly revealed details of his exhausting day were just the normal flow of his work.

He added that he had worked in the delivery industry for three years.

Zhang said, “I don’t have time for meals because I want to deliver more food to earn more money.”

Zhang just got married, and his wife is about to have a baby. He also wants to earn extra money for his parents.

He said he earns $0.48 per delivery and completes about 1,500 orders monthly.

One person wrote on Weibo, “Seeing this news report. I want to cry.”

Another user said, “I salute this hardest working food delivery, driver. You can do it!” 

South China Morning Post reported that it is common knowledge that China’s massive army of food delivery workers faces immense pressure.

Their employers often fine them if they fail to meet delivery deadlines or if customers complain about them. 

Sometimes, at the wrong times, customers also mistreat them.

In July, a viral video showed a customer in eastern Shandong province refusing to let a food shipper use her residential building’s elevator. The customer even threw hot noodles over the food delivery worker.

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