In 2021, nearly half of the Chinese university graduates, the majority of whom graduated from prominent universities such as Tsinghua University, applied for jobs in civil service, the public sector, and state-owned enterprises.

According to a report published on Jan. 4 by Yue Changjun, a professor at the Institute of Economics of Education of Peking University, about 9.1 million new university students graduated in China last year.

A poll with more than 20,000 graduates from 34 institutions across China shows that 49.3% have found work in civic service, public institutions, and state-owned enterprises.

In Tsinghua University in Beijing, nearly 70% of about more than 3.600 graduates who signed a labor contract last year found work in the government. Compared to 2020, this figure is up 5%, according to Nikkei Asia.

The latest job report on graduates from the elite university released on Dec. 31 indicates that 30.3% of them were hired by government-sponsored public institutions like colleges, universities, and scientific research organizations, while state-owned firms employed 23.8%.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the government’s crackdown on the private sector in tutoring and technology, there appears to be a shift toward jobs in public sector.

In the current attack on private education alone, tens of thousands of workers have been laid off.

Now, many university graduates in China are currently having difficulty finding work.

Li Qing, a graduate, stated that she attempted to find a job in large cities but gave up due to high housing prices, poor company earnings, and a lack of suitable positions.

Another graduate said that finding work outside of the governmental sector in her city is quite challenging.

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