China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department (CCDI) announced on March 21 that Shen Deyong, the executive vice president of the Supreme Court, was under investigation on suspicion of “serious violations of discipline and law.”

The CCDI’s announcement came in a brief statement without elaborating. Serving in the Supreme Court twice for 18 years and as Executive Vice President for more than ten years, Shen, a minister-level official, was the third to be sacked in the Supreme Court system.

The Mainland Caixin newspaper, citing several sources, reported that Shen was apprehended around on March 17. Before his arrest, Shen’s three secretaries in the Supreme Court were taken away, assisting in the investigation.

Earlier this month, Shen sent a proposal on establishing a court to facilitate better legal cooperation between Guangdong province, Hong Kong, and Macau at the annual parliamentary sessions in Beijing.

Shen, born in 1954, used to hold several high-ranking positions before serving as deputy secretary of the party group and executive vice president of the Supreme Court at the ministerial level in April 2008.

In March 2018, Shen worked as the director of the Social and Legal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference’s 13th National Committee.

However, just three months later, he was removed from positions as Supreme Court judge, executive vice president, and adjudication committee member in June 2018, although Shen was still a year from his expected retirement.

Among the 19th Central Committee’s members, Shen is the third one to be investigated after Liu Shiyu and Fu Zhenghua.

Before Shen’s dismissal, Xi Xiaoming, the then vice president of the Supreme Court and Meng Xiang, then a member of the Supreme Judicial Review Committee and director of the Executive Bureau, were successively sacked in July 2015 and July 2021.

So far, Shen Deyong has become the 13th central management cadre to be sacked in 2022.

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