China’s former head of China’s anti-corruption agency Liu Yanping was brought to court on Wednesday, September 28. He was a member of the “Sun Lijun Political Gang” and head of the State Security Ministry’s branch of the Party’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. 

This is the seventh “political and legal tiger” to be dealt with as the 20th National Congress is around the corner. “Tigers” refers to powerful leaders in Xi Jinping’s crackdown against corruption.

State media said Liu had derailed investigations, offered promotions for benefits, and accepted bribes, including property, in exchange for favors. 

He was expelled from the Party earlier this month. Political observers took this as a sign he would be indicted, tried and that he was to be treated with an iron fist.

Six other Sun Lijun Political Gang members have already been given harsh sentences.

Sun Lijun case is one of the most critical cases that has been looked into and handled since the 19th National Congress, the previous Congress.

On September 22 and 23, three powerful officials within the gang were given suspended death sentences and life imprisonment without commutation. These include Fu Zhenghua, former executive vice minister of the Ministry of Public Security, Wang Like, former secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Political and Legal Committee, and Sun Lijun, former vice minister of the Ministry of Public Security.

On September 21, Gong Daoan, a former deputy mayor and director of public security in Shanghai, was sentenced to life in prison. Deng Huilin, a former deputy mayor and director of public security in Chongqing, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Liu Xinyun, a former deputy governor of Shanxi Province and director of the Provincial Public Security Department, was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Hu Ping is the honorary editor-in-chief of Beijing Spring and a China expert.

A few days ago, he told Sound of Hope that Xi Jinping got rid of Sun Lijun, Fu Zhenghua, and others so that Xi’s army could take over key departments after the 20th National Congress.

Tang Hao, a senior media person, gave his opinion about this political purge in the Crossroads program. He said that Xi Jinping is sending a strong message to the people in the Party who are against him, especially Jiang Zemin and the Zeng Qinghong faction. Second, he thinks Xi is ready to attack his Party opponents once again before the 20th National Congress.

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