Duowei News, a Chinese-language media outlet in Beijing, suddenly announced its shutdown on April 26. It used to support the successor of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

On the Duowei News website, an announcement reads: “Starting from April 26, 2022, Hong Kong time, due to internal news business adjustments, the website and APP of ‘Multidimensional News’ will bid farewell to readers and friends, and thank you for your company and attention over the years.”

Duowei’s shutdown comes as the Chinese authorities have stepped up propaganda campaigns to show loyalty to the “leader” and “core” in preparation for the CCP’s 20th National Congress. The outlet has repeatedly sent articles attacking President Xi Jinping.

Duowei News was founded in 1999, headquartered in the United States by overseas pro-democracy activists.

In 2009, a Hong Kong businessman acquired Duowei News and moved the headquarters to Beijing.

At the end of 2021, the Duowei Taipei editorial board ended its activities.

He Qinglian, an economist living in the United States, wrote in her book “Red Infiltration”. She said that Duowei News is in charge of dispelling rumors related to internal struggles within the CCP.

He Qinglian said that Duowei is the voice of public opinion for Jiang Zemin, former leader of the CCP.

He Qinglian said that on January 17, 2015, after Xi Jinping came to power, Duowei published the article “Jiang Zemin’s merits and qualities are tied to a battle in the face of drastic changes domestically and internationally.”

In 2018, Duowei published an article criticizing Xi Jinping, “The extreme left has torn China to pieces, and Xi Jinping needs to be held accountable.” The article said that Xi “wants to be another Mao Zedong” and that Xi, as the core of the party, “must conduct self-examination.”

However, Duowei deleted that article shortly after that, and replaced it with a pro-Xi Jinping article, confusing readers.

From around 2019, Duowei News’ attitude towards Jiang Zemin changed. He Qinglian said that it published a series of articles to wipe out Jiang Zemin’s lines.

Duowei suspected of being involved in the CCP’s power struggles

Duowei News has repeatedly sent articles to attack President Xi Jinping.

For example, on June 10, 2021, Duowei published an article with the title “Who will supervise the Central Committee of the Party.” In the article, it questioned if the CCP’s Central Committee and the general secretary will also be supervised, and what kind of supervision they will accept.

Or an article on August 27, 2021 that some netizens suggested that Douwei was trying to persuade Xi Jinping to retire early. The article titled “Who has the final say when the CCP leader retires”, discusses the topic. The article praised Xi Jinping’s predecessor Hu Jintao’s noble qualities when he retired.

On April 22, Duowei published an article proposing to emulate the so-called “high-level political elite election system” and let a “small circle” of about 200 committee members elect the next generation of the CCP leaders.

In the sensitive time for internal personnel discussions ahead of the 20th National Congress, the shutdown of Douwei News signals the fierce factional struggle within the CCP.

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