China’s exit ports have recently intensified the control of Chinese passport holders. 

According to RFA, Chinese customs ask many detailed questions to Chinese passport holders who want to go abroad. For example, why are you going abroad, what are you doing abroad?

In addition, Chinese customs also require documents to verify the purpose of people who want to leave China.

Lu Ping, who frequently travels between China and Japan, said that after being questioned, many people are put in a room. Security staff will continue to question and check their documents.

According to NTD, the Chinese people fear that China’s regime is trying to prevent people from going abroad and that migration will be blocked in the future.

Vision Times reported that there is a wave of Chinese emigrating abroad, and there are two explanations for this phenomenon.

First, many people are tired of the CCP’s lockdown-based policy to fight the COVID pandemic.

Second, many wealthy people are afraid of the CCP’s common prosperity. They believe that this policy is essentially the CCP wanting to redistribute assets in society.

Thus, the rich will be forced to give their share of the fortune to the CCP. 

However, given the CCP’s history of corruption, there are fears that the wealth of the rich will eventually flow into the pockets of CCP members.

Among the wealthy who have fled China are many global celebrities. For example, Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming. Director Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang.

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