People in Shanghai finally can go out during this period of lockdown, but strange scenes have reappeared in the streets of China’s financial center.

According to Apollo News, some lockdown areas in Shanghai in recent days have been relaxed. People are allowed to leave their homes to go to supermarkets to buy food.

However, they need to gather in groups.

On May 6, a Chinese netizen released a video on Shanghai’s current condition.
A man wearing a vest holds up a sign to lead the group to the supermarket. The road is seen full of medical personnel wearing protective clothing to help direct their route. No vehicles appeared on the road.

To combat Covid pandemic, the Shanghai government stipulates that the residential manager must lead people in groups to go to the supermarket. The group can go out within 45 minutes to buy food.

According to Yahoo Taiwan, some speculate that the location of the footage was in Putuo District, Shanghai. Because this is the only place that applies the so-called temporary exit pass policy. Each person is limited to purchasing no more than 300 yuan or 45 dollars. Each group will have no more than 20 people.

The footage has also aroused contentious discussions among Chinese netizens.
One said this era was crazy. Another said it’s ridiculous, they treat people like monkeys.

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