Lanzhou city, Gansu province, was locked down for more than two weeks due to the severe Covid-19 virus outbreak. The city has been conducting measures to fight the epidemic.

More than 10,000 residents in Lanzhou are under centralized quarantine, and most other residents are required to stay at home. The entire Lanzhou streets are empty and quiet.

A video captured by a local netizen revealed that the epidemic prevention personnel were going door-to-door to take Covid testing samples. Some policemen holding guns in their hands were seen guarding a testing point. 

The loudspeakers carried by the policemen kept playing a notice from the authorities. They called for home epidemic prevention and urged people to conduct Covid testing.

At present, there are as many as 300 high- and medium-risk areas in Lanzhou.

According to the Chinese government data, as of July 25, a total of 2.03 million people in Lanzhou had been tested with Covid and 77 positive cases had been detected.

Local netizens in Lanzhou took to social media to expose the tough epidemic prevention measures from the authorities.

A resident revealed that they had taken Covid testing every day since their community was locked down on July 12. During this period, the residents cannot go out of the quarantine places. 

Another Lanzhou resident said that they suddenly found that they lost freedom and privacy for the so-called epidemic prevention.

A netizen commented that what the Lanzhou people are encountering is either because of their cowardice and repeated concessions to the local government, or because of the extraordinary high pressure of authorities.

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