China has invested heavily in developing “100-meter with minute-level” projects for the Winter Olympics.

According to officials of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, the resolution of the Communist Party of China (CCP)’s meteorological forecast has been increased to every 3 kilometers nationwide, hour-by-hour rolling forecasting. The forecast resolution in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei is 1 kilometer and 500 meters in urban areas.

Meteorology is an accurate meteorological service that can be predicted in real-time in terms of wind speed, direction, temperature, snowfall, and visibility are indispensable.

China’s government said it had achieved a “100-meter with minute-level” operational weather forecasting capability in response to the Winter Olympics. Outdoor alpine skiing can reach a forecast resolution of 100-meter grid range in the Winter Olympics area and update the forecast every 10 minutes.

China’s government suddenly boosts from 3 km by an hour to 100-meter by minutes capabilities for the Winter Olympics weather forecasting system. In response to this incident of China’s government, an anonymous netizen said that he appreciates that the weather forecast has reached the 100-meter with a minute level, and he is sincerely happy about improving China’s weather forecasting technology. But he hopes that such technology can be used more for the usual weather forecasting to avoid losses in the Zhengzhou flood incident. 

The CCP’s “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” project spends a vast amount of money.

The “Key Technology for Predicting and Securing Weather Conditions for the Winter Olympics,” which aims to develop “100-meter and minute-level” weather forecasting capabilities, is just one of the many scientific and technological R&D projects for the Winter Olympics.

At the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the government issued the “Overall Plan and Task Division Plan for the Preparation of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games”. And since 2018, they have implemented a plan for the “Science and Technology for Winter Olympics.”

The implementation period of the special projects is from 2018 to 2022. It arranges 21 tasks in scientific competition, sports training and competition, safety guarantee, brilliant viewing, and comprehensive demonstration of green wisdom.

According to the “Guidelines for the Application of the “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” Key Special Projects 2018-2021. The total national budget for the 2018-2021 “Science and Technology Winter Olympics” key projects is 1.37 billion Yuan, equivalent to 216 million dollars.

The annual declaration guidelines do not list the state funding for each sub-project. Previously, revealed that the Chinese Communist Party spent ten times more than the published budget for the Winter Olympics,  estimating the actual cost could be more than 38.5 billion dollars.

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