Chinese netizens are complaining about this year’s college entrance exam, which they say is full of propaganda.

According to China Education Ministry data, this year’s college entrance examination set a new record with 12 million candidates. Except for Shanghai, which has just ended months of lockdown, the exam will be postponed to July 7-9; other regions have completed the first day of doing Chinese language and math tests.

According to the Washington Post, on Tuesday morning, under drizzle light, students walk into “gaokao,” – or China’s notoriously grueling exam. The testing is already stressful, but Covid makes it more challenging now.

This year’s college entrance examination includes seven sets of questions.

Among them, only the Beijing composition test includes two parts: micro-writing and composition.

In the micro-writing part of the Beijing test, there are three selected topics, involving “Happy Reading Club”, “nucleic acid detection” and “like a lightning bolt”, which are all propaganda topics. 

And for the essay part within the nation’s test, applying to 12 provinces, they request the students to write about China’s achievements, such as how many medals it won in Summer Olympics in 2008 and Winter Olympics in 2022, how good is China’s GDP and how the country has crossed and leaped into the future.

The Chinese language media Da Ji Yuan also noted the new college entrance examination paper II, which Chinese netizens deemed as the most explicit brainwashing propaganda. 

According to this set of test papers, on the 100th year anniversary of the Chinese Communist Youth League, state-run CCTV launched a micro-documentary, praising a group of hard-working people in many industries. The test questions require candidates to write an essay on the theme of “Choice‧Creation‧Future”.

The essay topics of the Zhejiang province test paper echo a similar theme. The test questions list the youth representatives in the new era. This is a list of people promoted by the CCP. Candidates are required to write an essay on future development based on these contents.

Some netizens complained about its rigidity, imprisoning the student’s thinking.

One said that with high school students going into university, their mind values is not yet firmed. But they are forced to learn and write such arguments and praise such things. It is very unfortunate.

Another said the college entrance exam essays are this bad, but the final exam of each semester after they got in might be even worse.

One netizen expressed deep worry for this generation

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