China media outlet Da Ji Yuan reported that on June 30, Wang Jianxin, China Communist Party (CCP)’s director of the Publicity Department, announced in a press conference that China’s anti-corruption campaign after about a decade has disciplined millions of party members.

Specifically, since the 18th National Congress, to the end of April this year, 4.388 million CCP members are subject to disciplinary review and investigation.

Commenting on the regime’s anti-corruption campaign, Gao Wenqian, a Chinese historian, once told VOA that China’s anti-corruption campaign is only for the sake of a power struggle.

Gao thinks that China’s anti-corruption campaign is like that a doctor can only cure the symptoms, but not the root of a disease.

He added that the regime’s authoritarian power is the root of corruption.

Da Ji Yuan news outlet listed a series of senior China officials in charge of anti-corruption but was eventually investigated for corruption-related crimes.

Yuan Hongbing, a scholar in Australia, once told the news outlet that the CCP wants to revolutionize itself and monitor itself, which in itself goes against political logic.

He explained that the communist regime’s campaign against corruption is the same as cutting their own skin, cutting their flesh, or cutting off their left hand with their right hand. Denying themselves that is something they cannot do. 

On June 30, Yuan told Da Ji Yuan that Chinese leaders can no longer convince officials with moral teachings that they can now only rely on violence.

Yuan added, that to seize power at the upcoming 20th National Congress, Xi Jinping has relied on the military and the police to keep a tight grip on officials at all levels. But this in itself is also an expression of the political crisis the CCP is facing.

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