Recently, abnormal phenomena such as fish leaping out of the water, toads climbing mountains, and snails crawling all over the road, have appeared in Chenzhou city, Hunan province.

A video posted online on June 18 shows many fish jumping out of the water simultaneously, stirring up the water surface and creating a spectacular scene.

The fish are quite large, with a size of about 20 cm.

The height they leap is sometimes over one meter. Some even jump onto the shore and then roll back into the water. It is as though the water is hostile to them in some way.

Locals feel surprised and excited about the abnormal phenomenon. One man even runs out to catch the fish.

Another video indicates the other two phenomena taking place on June 17. Many toads are crawling from one side of the road to the other, then climbing up towards the mountain.

In another area, hundreds of snails are crawling from the river onto the road surface. They spread over the entire road for more than 20 meters, creating a scary scene.

Netizens predict these are signs of catastrophic natural disasters, such as earthquakes or cataclysms because these animals are very sensitive to unusual changes.

Even social platform users who uploaded these two videos warned people living in this area to be careful.

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