Democracy activist Drew Pavlou went to the Chinese Embassy in London last month to protest the brutal policies of the China Communist Party (CCP) toward the Uighurs. But he was suddenly arrested by British police.

The arrest of Pavlou along with a number of others is considered strange because they have protested against the CCP many times before. And never before have they been arrested by the British police.

Peter Dahlin, the founder of the NGO Safeguard Defenders, said in an article posted in The Epoch Times that maybe certain Chinese knew about Pavlou’s protest plan. So they faked an email signed “Drew Pavlou,” threatening to bomb the Chinese embassy in London.

Based on this, the Chinese Embassy informed the British police, and the drama began: Pavlou and the CCP protesters were arrested.

Dahlin said Chinese people who do things that benefit the CCP abroad are actually henchmen of the Chinese regime. Therefore, this may be a new Beijing trick to undermine democracy abroad.

Dahlin added that emails signed “Drew Pavlou” were also sent to British lawyers, politicians, and NGO people. Dahlin received one of them. The content of these emails is often laughably bad.

Luckily for Pavlou, Dahlin said, the more spoofed emails like this, the clearer people know about his innocence. The more attention the antics got, the quicker the police could change the course of their investigation: from investigating his alleged bomb threat to investigating Chinese netizens who try to silence Beijing critics abroad, including on UK soil.

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