After many provinces and cities in mainland China lifted the lockdown, the number of infected people with fever spiked.

According to the domestic media, hospitals in Beijing, Tianjin and Zhengzhou are currently overcrowded. Antipyretics are in short supply, and many people have purchased them from abroad.

Akio Yabata, a senior Japanese media personality, believes that the pandemic has exhausted many resources in China and that China will enter an era of comprehensive “return to poverty.”

The number of infected people in Beijing alone may far exceed the official number announced over the country. Many videos posted by the citizens have shown endless lines of people with fever waiting to be hospitalized for hours.

Some infected people even humorously used the characters in Jin Yong’s novels to mock:  

  • The infected person is called “Yang Guo“; 
  • The one who recovers from the epidemic is “Yang Kang“; 
  • The one who is infected again is called “Wang Chongyang.” 

The three names contain the word “Yang” pronounced the same as “positive” in Chinese, and the other parts describe the patient’s three respective estates.

Yaba Akio pointed out that, after the easing of control, the official number of infected people in this country did not increase but decreased, which is completely illogical.

Even Hu Xijin, the former editor-in-chief of the Global Times, began openly questioning the falsification of official figures.

In this regard, Akio said, “I think that in the future, the situation of fraud in economic figures will become increasingly obvious. We Chinese observers may face situations where there are no real figures to quote.”

Akio said in his article that the pandemic has almost exhausted the savings of society and most families. In addition, the government has subverted China’s middle class and wealthy people in recent years. China is facing a withdrawal of foreign capital, shrinking exports, and stagnant private consumption.

Akio concluded that this would greatly impact the Xi Jinping regime.

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